Safe Vault Repair

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ZSafe Vault Specialist, we sell, service, install and repair a wide range of safes and vaults, including burglary safes, gun safes, fire safes, and document safes.

Our wide range of safe and vault services include

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Combination Changes

Businesses often tell us that they have been using the same combination for as long as they can remember—even though many employees that no longer work there still know the combination! This severely impacts accountability if contents are stolen from the safe/vault with no signs of forced entry. It is not worth the risk or loss to keep an old combo that many people know. We can change combinations on electronic keypads and mechanical dials on almost all safes and vaults. Combinations on mechanical dials can slip over time which can lead to multiple dial attempts to successfully open the safe/vault. This can be corrected most of the time by having one of our technicians clean, reset and change the combination.

Openings & Repairs

We specialize in opening all types of safes and vaults professionally, including burglary, jewelry, fire, document, wall, floor, gun, safety deposit, antique, electronic, dial or key. We can open safes that have been water damaged, vandalized, or broken— even when the competition has unsuccessfully tried to get it open. We will make the minimum hole possible to open the safe and repair it as if it was never drilled so the safe can continue to be used. Often we are able to recover lost combinations on many brand-name safes since we are registered safe technicians with many different manufacturers.

Emergency Service


We have multiple fully equipped service trucks to accommodate all of your emergency safe and vault security needs 24 hours a day. We know how important it is for your business to function with a properly operating secure safe and vault and we will make your emergency our priority.


Moving, Installations & Bolt downs

If you need a safe delivered, relocated or bolted down, we can accommodate all of your moving and installation needs. We also do fresh installations of wall and floor safes while taking all measures in keeping the workplace as clean and dust free as possible.

ATMs & Smart Safes

We can open, repair and service all types of ATMs and Smart Safes. We are factory trained in many different brands and can open anything, to traditional style mechanical. We use the best opening methods & equipment available so all ATMs and Smart safes can be easily repaired after opening and put back into service.

Upgrades & Retrofits

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a mechanical dial to an electronic keypad or have your old safe repaired when parts are no longer available, we can explain all your available options. We stock a large selection of mechanical and electronic locks with options such as time delay, wrong try lockout, time lock, multi-user, dual custody and audit trails that can be installed or retrofitted on your existing safe or vault.