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Glass Door Lock Replacement and Repair Services

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Glass Door Lock Repair Services

When it comes to security and safety moving glass door locks aren’t precisely the most heavy duty and impenetrable force on earth.It is nevertheless really loud if a potential burglar had to smash the glass in order to get in but the chances of that taking place are very slim so its best to focus on ensuring the lock is working appropriately and firmly.
The entire purpose of having sliding doors is so that you can have both a stunning view to the outdoors as well as the within your home, Do not forget that they need to be simple to open and close too. Purchasing quality moving glass door locks is the least you can do to guarantee that you have the very best of both worlds in style and safety.

The whole purpose of having sliding glass doors is so that you can have a view to the outside as well as the inside of your home, and don’t forget that they should be easy to open, close and lock too.
Investing in quality sliding glass door locks is the least you can do to ensure that you have the best of both worlds in style and safety.
It seems every Business District City has one and at times they never seem to be working properly,  When sliding patio door  locks stop working and are in need of repair it can be quite challenging for the average home owner in to fix them, A lot of issues with patio door locks is the strike plate where the locking bolt connects to the door frame. This area tends to get out of line and will not lock properly usually due to the home settling or temperature changes causing the door frame to swell in the heat and shrink in the Wet.

We have repaired and or replaced thousands of patio door locks in Metro Manila so if your patio door lock is not working correctly or you lost the key or just need a new lock contact us today and we will send one of our professional sliding door lock repair techs out to your home or business to remedy the problem.